EPDM ( Ethylene-Proylene-diene-Monomer) is a brightly colored synthetic rubber. EPDM has the characteristics of high elasticity and resilient performance. They are from recycled raw materials with non-toxic elements. No playground is complete without safety surfacing. The surface under and around playground equipment can be a major factor in determining the injury-causing potential of a fall. Proper drainage, usage and maintenance are all important factors in our surfacing programme. We offer an extensive range of colours and designs for our EPDM products. Colorful and attractive patterns are important in stimulating a child’s imagination as well as giving an additional play value to the playground. EPDM has a high absorption rate as well as an excellent slip proof material. It is soft and warm to touch but yet resistant enough to last for many years. It is suitable for children’s playgrounds, recreational park areas, residential landscaping, schools, nurseries areas, walkways, swimming pool areas and courts for most ball games.

EPDM flooring is not just a plain flooring laying on the ground, it can be laid onto contour concrete to form a sloppy hill too. With a kid’s superb imagination, they use it as a slope and row themselves down the hill. Our EPDM cast-In-situ rubber flooring is sent in for laboratory tests and has achieved ASTM and SS standards.

We implement stringent quality controls and the quality of our products are of the highest possible standards. Our mission is to design and supply the highest quality products at a very competitive cost. KAF Resources has installed over a thousand of playground flooring and equipment in HDB estates, national parks, private condominiums and schools. Our overseas projects includes projects in  Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Brunei.

Our Products

    • Cast-In-Situ EPDM Rubber Flooring
    • Acrylic Coating
    • Spray Coated System for Tracks
    • Games Posts (Basketfall, Volleyball, Netball and Badminton)
    • Elderly fitness equipment
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Playground Equipment
    • Water Play Equipment
    • Artificial Turf

Acrylic Coating

Acrylic surface coating is specially developed for concrete and asphalt surfaces. It exhibits great non-slip properties for all sporting and recreational courts. Sports flooring is fitted for both recreational and professional sports applications with multipurpose indoor and outdoor sports flooring systems, as well as specialized court surfaces and athletic running tracks.

Artificial Turf

Synthetic, fake or artificial grass carpet is good idea for home as well as commercial space such as an office environment. It is a very adaptable floor carpeting choice without maintaining natural growing grass.  It is a new generation turf for courts, playground areas, golf ranges, footpaths and residential gardens. Artificial turf is cost-effective requiring less maintenance work and will definitely be a great product as fake turf or futsal turf within any client’s budget.

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Exercise starts from young and all schools come with at least a fitness corner. Although the fitness equipment is locally fabricated, we use only the highest quality timber to ensure that end-products surpass expectations. We have vast experience and expertise to design urban spaces with outdoor fitness equipment that promote active lifestyle in the community and encourage outdoor exercising for all ages.

We are the sole distributor of Waterplay Manufracturing Inc since 2008.

Outdoor Play Equipment & Music

Percussion Play is a creative outdoor musical instrument manufacturer, KAF Resources Pte Ltd is proud to bring musically play equipment to Singapore.

All Percussion Play’s instruments are manufactured by hand at the workshop in Hampshire, UK. Our instruments lead the market in innovative outdoor music solutions. Outdoor musical play ticks all the right boxes – it offers cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

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